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When very young, Lav Luv found sanctuary being alone -- behind a mic, that is. Starting out hosting high school talent shows, Luv has been inciting laughter-infused riots for years with his bright blend of humor. Upon returning from service in the U.S. Armed Forces, he dove right into a career in comedy and was almost instantly recognized as a fresh face in the world of funny.  Lav Luv was part of the number one morning show in Columbus, GA, Foxy 105’s “DJ Chip in The Mornings”. He adds his clever, silly, yet insightful thought on various topics, furthering the rising stars resume’.


In 2008 Lav Luv added yet another accomplishment to his rising star, when he beat out over 200 fellow comedians to win season 3 of Bill Bellamy’s “Who Got Jokes” on TVOne. In 2009 Lav Luv filmed his critically acclaimed one man special, “Lav Luv, I’m Gonna Get In Trouble” in Los Angeles, CA, due out in early October 2009. In 2012 Lav Luv performed on Season one of “Uptown Comic”, on Bounce TV. Later that same year Lav Luv was the head writer for “Off The Chain”, on Bounce TV, 12 Episodes. Lav Luv also headlined the RJE tour for several years. Lav Luv has performed on BET's "Comic View" on numerous occasions, as well as concerts for the Isley Brothers, the Four Tops, R. Kelly, The O’ Jays, KEM, the Temptations, and Ashanti to name a few. He has toured with such comedians as Chris Tucker, Bill Bellamy, and Jamie Foxx and has showcased for Cedric "The Entertainer," Bernie Mac and D.L. Hughley. 


He performs with the Blacktop Circus, an all-black improvisational comedy troupe similar to the group seen on "Whose Line is it Any Way?" though Lav Luv's humor is nowhere near as tame as that of Wayne Brady. 

On stage, Lav Luv is charming. Lav is suave in his tailored suits and rimless glasses, giving him the look of a new-wave preacher. And preach is exactly what he does -- a comedic gospel that keeps audiences praying for more.

He is often compared stylistically to a mix between D.L. Hughley and Chris Rock, but his style is completely his own. His blend of humor is thoughtful enough to tackle the issues of racism, prejudice and political aspects of life that he confronts on a daily basis and still retains comedic value. He can transition easily from jokes about racial profiling and war to simple relationship drama or pop-culture commentaries.

A typical stand-up session for Lav Luv will almost always consist of some element of improvisation. Through the Blacktop Circus, he has found a niche in improv and tries to incorporate it into his routine. His style is engaging, as he encourages full audience participation, even prompting audience members for improv material.

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